Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've started on my New Year's Resolution...a little early! Is it cheating to pick a New Year's Resolotion that I know I can keep??

A lot of people make resolutions to lose weight, get fit, exercise more and just be all around healthier people. These are fantastic resolutions and I admire people who can stick with these goals!

However.... I know myself. I've made those kinds of resolutions and I have that "Hoorah!" attitude for about... a month?

So... 2 years ago I made the first New Year's Resolution I knew I could keep: I would wear more flowers in my hair! I'm sure this sounds like a silly resolution to many of you. But you know what? I really needed a resolution I could succeed with to boost my confidence of being able to keep another one in the future. And wearing flowers in my hair makes me feel pretty, so it's a great resolution: look and feel prettier!

So, my New Year's Resolution this year is for better health. But, rather than try to keep myself to a "I need to exercise more and lose a few pounds" kind of resolution, my better health resolution is to focus on my mental and spiritual health.

In order to keep my resolution, I will actively seek new inspiration from multiple sources, I will practice meditation, I will move my body every day (from yoga, going for a walk, stretching to running, rock climbing and kick boxing), and I will practice de-stressing techniques (what I've already mentioned are all de-stressing techniques, but I'll actively search out more).

It's so important to take care of not just our bodies, but our minds as well! We as teachers must be in one of the most stress-inducing professions on the planet! We're constantly taking care of others before ourselves and giving, giving, giving until we haven't got anything left to give. Taking care of our mental health, our mental attitude, is so important for our overall health!

I recently read an article that tells even more about the benefits of taking care of our attitudes:
"Being optimistic and focusing on mental wellness seems to reduce stress. ... an upbeat attitude, or happiness, can help lessen the burden of chronic pain, say from arthritis, or even reduce your chances of developing cardiovascular disease."
Woah. Awesome!

The author of the article (Gina Roberts-Grey) also explains that the Mayo Clinic did a study where they followed a group of people for 30 years. "They found that those who were originally classified as "optimistic" on a standard personality test turned out to be 20 percent less likely to suffer an early death than those classified as 'pessimistic.' "
So, I can live longer too?

Great!Fantastic! Staying upbeat is directly linked to longevity! The happier you are = the longer you'll live. :)And, the best part? It's EASY! Really!

There are so many little things that we can do to stay positive. Simple things:
-put a positive quote as your phone or computer background
-cuddle or play with with your pet
-move your body - go for a walk, stretch, practice yoga
-be aware of your breathing and practice breathing exercises
-doodle, draw or paint

And technology has helped make relaxing even easier!
If you have an iPod or iPhone, do a search for relaxation apps, there are tons to choose from!

Here's a link to the article I mentioned above; totally fascinating stuff!

If you have any relaxation techniques that I haven't mentioned, please share them below in the comments area! Your ideas could help someone else live a happier, more peaceful life! :)

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