Friday, February 8, 2013

Feeling good with a little flattery!

I am so flattered to find out that Carolyn, the amazing gal behind "The Wise Owl Factory," has written an article about.... me!

Carolyn is quite the creative teacher and I have had the pleasure to get to know her both virtually and in person.  We are both from Minnesota and we've both lived in the Netherlands, what are the odds?

Carolyn, Wise Owl that she is, has been writing a "Book A Day" blog in which she reviews books that have stories that can help teach your little learners.  Each blog post contains a review of the book AND free lessons for you to use to teach a lesson centered around the book.

Come and read the blog post Carolyn wrote about me and take a look at all of the wonderful resources available on her blogs!

"The Wise Owl Factory"
"The Wise Owl Factory's Book A Day Blog"

Muchas gracias!


Carolyn Wilhelm said...

My husband just read thus on your blog, I hadn't noticed this post. Thank you! It is nice to know you virtually and in person!

LaProfesoraFrida said...

:) I'm glad you found the post!

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