Monday, September 15, 2014

FREE Spanish Lesson, just like "Mad Libs," only in Spanish!

If you’ve ever played the game “Mad Libs,” you already know how to play using this FREE lesson from La Profesora Frida!
FREE Spanish "Mad Libs" type lesson! Espanol lesson plan, parts of speech in Spanish, teacher lesson plan
There are several ways to use the printables in this FUN packet, just take your pick!  (Scroll down to see more images from inside this packet!)  Great for solo work, partner work, homework and emergency sub plans.

 A wonderful supplemental activity for your Spanish classes to help students with vocabulary memory recall. Also wonderful for reading comprehension, grammar translation and pronunciation practice. Depending on your students' ability level, this activity could last anywhere between 15 minutes (high level) to a half hour (lower level).

FREE Spanish lesson from La Profesora Frida

This activity is such a FUN way to review parts of speech with your Spanish students. 

First, students are given a page without any CLUES as to what the final story is about (which makes it even sillier later!).

Students are prompted to think of interesting vocabulary words to use -- particular PARTS OF SPEECH to help review!  Noun, Verb, Adjective, etc!

Depending on the amount of Spanish your students know (Are they beginning Spanish this year, or are they pros?), you can choose to allow your students to use dictionaries or just their brain power to think of SPANISH words to fill in the blanks!

Once students have an awesome list of words, they can begin filling in the corresponding spaces.

Then comes the most FUN part!  READING the story!

Newbie Spanish students might need a dictionary to help translating with a few tricky words.

AND there are variations you can apply to suit your particular needs!

1. Solo work: Students can work on this activity by themselves if  necessary, but of course it’s a lot of fun with a partner or group!

2. Pair students: Have students work through the pages together.

3. Dictionaries: You may allow your students to use dictionaries, or enforce a “no dictionary rule” to require students to use their own vocabulary & memories to fill in the blanks.

4. Pronunciation Practice: Ask students to practice reading their stories aloud and have them read aloud for the entire class.

5. Artistic:  Have students illustrate their stories.

6. Kinesthetic:  Ask students to act out their stories.

7. Produce:  Assign students to write their own “Word Works” with the proper blanks provided so another student can fill it in.
And La Profesora Frida has several MORE packets of these activities in her store!  :)  These are AMAZING for emergency substitute plans!  Go try out the FREEBIE today!

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