Friday, October 24, 2014

Time Spanish Lessons, Teaching Time in your Spanish Classes

How do you go about teaching TIME in your Spanish classes? 
I've put together a packet of activities that I use to teach time in my Spanish classes, and I hope these are helpful ideas for you too!

We all know how important it is for our students to remember their numbers and practice telling time in Spanish.  I've included printables in this packet of Spanish lessons to help your students practice reading and recognizing numbers, as well as practicing proper spelling. 
These printables are great for in-class practice, at home practice, to use with “Fast Finishers” bulletin board activities and for tests and quizzes!

Practicing and Reviewing the NUMBERS:

   6  ½ worksheets:
           50-69 and 70-89
        1-100 and tens place numerical order

  Practice Writing Time with clocks      
Here's a bit of an example:


  Reading Comprehension Paragraph with Time
  There are 2 Reading Comprehension practice worksheets, that look a bit like this.  Students read and write in the times they've read.


  "Math Geniuses” – fun math problems with time

  There are 2 "math geniuses" worksheets in which students do some math problems with time to get them thinking!


  Telling Time Listening worksheet/quiz page – 16 blank clock faces

no key given, as this page is meant for a listening activity, the teacher says the times and the students draw the hands on the clocks in the correct positions

 telling time listening & writing worksheet/quiz – 8 blank clock faces + writing

element    teacher key – except for the blank clock faces, where the teacher chooses answers

  Game - Shark Tank!
  My students LOVE this game!  I'm sure yours will too!  Students pair up (groups of 3 is fine too) and race each other to be the first to find the TIME on the sharks' bellies!  (The teacher calls out the times and the students race.)  The students can keep track of points on their own worksheets. 

I hope this gives you an idea of some activities you can do with your students in your Spanish classes too! 

I would love to hear your ideas too!  What do you do with your students in your classes to help them practice telling time in Spanish??  Please leave a comment below!

~La Profesora Frida


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