Friday, November 28, 2014

FREE lesson plan! Winter Writing (Literacy) AND Bulletin Board Elements for your K-12 class!

This FREE writing lesson and  bulletin board activity is suitable for ANY class.  It’s great for K-6, but also fitting for middle school and high school classes.  Great for EAL and foreign language classes too!

Simply print the snowflakes provided in this packet and decide what you want your students to practice writing.

Here are some thoughts to inspire:

· adjectives that describe snowflakes

· words to describe winter

· complete sentences (focusing on capital letters, finger spaces between words and full stops at the end of a sentence)

And a few ideas especially for foreign language teachers:

· use known vocabulary to describe a snowflake / winter

· look up new words to describe (using a foreign language dictionary, website or app)

· practice using specific verbs (What do you like to do in the winter?)

· practice using specific verb tenses (What did you do in the winter when you were little?  What will you do next winter?)


This is the beginning of our class “Winter” bulletin board.  The students help add to the festive snowflake theme as they continue to write WOW words all about snowflakes and the season.

Some students have spent the time to cut the delicate edges of the snowflakes, but it’s not necessary as we back each snowflake in a festive blue or silver color.
When students are done writing (and revising if necessary) they can color the snowflakes pretty wintery colors and then cut around the edges and glue them on a pretty matching paper for display.
We used matching shades of blue and silver for our display.  (You could even use aluminum foil if you don’t have silver paper.)  I hole punched some and strung them together with ribbon and attached them near the top of bulletin board so they can “blow in the wind” to look like it’s snowing! 
We’ll continue to add to this bulletin board and the snow will continue to pile up under the painted tree.  We had Autumn leaves on the tree before they “blew away” and left the tree bare, we’ll use this bulletin board all year to depict the changing seasons.
I hope these ideas give you a solid place to start in creating your own winter themed bulletin board for your classes!
If you have any suggestions (or notice any typos) please leave a message for me in the Q & A section of my store!  If you enjoyed these ideas, please make my day and consider leaving positive feedback in my TpT store.  :)
~La Profesora Frida



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