Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spanish Fall / Winter Blog Hop Tips for those Winter Months of Teaching, La Profesora Frida

Spanish Fall / Winter Blog Hop Tips for those Winter Months of Teaching, La Profesora Frida

How do we keep our teaching exciting and interesting allll year long?  Especially in the winter months when the doldrums start to hit?  I have a few ideas and I hope you enjoy them!

1.  Switch things up!          Do you normally give a pop quiz on Fridays?  Give that pop quiz on Monday instead and watch your students' eyes bug out!

     Do you normally give a test at the end of a chapter / unit?  Try a different form of assessment like Project Based Learning, a Skit or a Fashion Show!  Your students will enjoy the change and you will enjoy watching them use what they've been learning!

    Do you speak any other languages?  This might seem silly at first, but hear me out.  Take 1 day out of your regularly scheduled lessons and teach a totally different language (that is, if you know one!).  I love taking a day to teach American Sign Language, my 2nd language.  On the first day of school I always tell my students that I'm not just going to teach them Spanish, I'm going to teach them HOW to learn another language.  And then I put those words in action and teach them ASL for a day later in the year.

    Teach your students Salsa / Tango / ChaChaCha, etc!  I love to take a day in the fall and reserve either the gym or the auditorium (the stage makes for a great dance floor with plenty of space).  Or have a dance party right in your classroom with some YouTube videos of pop songs in Spanish.  Even if it's just for 10 minutes, it will feel great to have a change of pace for a few minutes!

2.  Change of scenery!

Is it time to rearrange the desks in your classroom?  You bet it is!

Is it time to take down your bulletin boards and put up something totally fresh and new?  Darn right!

Try a Fast Finisher Bulletin Board Set this winter!

3.  Take care of YOURSELF.

     Avoid burnout during the school year by taking care of yourself.  As teachers we are givers.  We give and give and give and often have nothing left over for ourselves. 

Let me remind you the reason why the flight attendant says to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping someone else--- because if you pass out from lack of oxygen, you can't help anyone else.  YOU need to take care of yourself so you can continue to help others.

Here are a few ideas:

     Nurture your hobbies.
         Paint, Read, Ski, Bake....  Do what you love!  You can't be in teacher mode 100% of the time!

         I love to upcycle paint chips & wallpaper samples...................>

And I also love to paint.................

      Try something new that you've always wanted to do!  Take a Community Ed class on cake decorating, auto repair or Yoga!

4.  Stay organized!

     Being organized makes everything run more smoothly and saves you a ton of time! 
     Click here to visit my blog post about my new Erin Condren Life Planner and how I saved $$$ by not paying full price! 

Do you have any tips for avoiding burnout?  Please comment below!

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